Research Review: Pilates Effective for Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is one of the most common causes of job related disability.

Recent research supports the effectiveness of Pilates exercise for low back pain.

According to a small random controlled study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (2006;36[7], 472-84), participants who practiced Pilates over a 4 week period experienced more relief from their symptoms than those who went through typical treatment.

Researchers from Queen's University of Kingston Ontario decided to test whether Pilates exercises were effective in improving the condition of patients.

The experimental group exercised on Pilates equipment, while the control group received care that is provided to individuals seeking medical help for low back pain.

Post testing revealed that the Pilates participants had significantly lower levels of functional disability and pain intensity than the control subjects. A year later, the Pilates participants had maintained their physical improvements.