You can walk it out! Workout outside with walking poles

Joan Baker Pole Walking Instructor at Personal Best Physiotherapy

Pole walking is designed for total body fitness.

Learn the technique and reap the benefits at any age or at any fitness level.

Over 25 years of research show that walking with poles boost the benefits of ordinary walking:
  • Take the stress off your knees and hips
  • Tone your core and upper body
  • Intensify your walking work out
  • Burn more calories
  • Enjoy being outdoors
  • Urban poling uses 90% of your body's muscles. 

Join our Walking Group

Learning sessions include
  • Introduction to walking with poles
  • How to utilize these activator walking poles to get the most out of your work out
  • Nutrition information
  • Rehabilitation and Fitness tips
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About Activator Poles
Activator Poles are ideal for individuals with poor balance and stability, chronic conditions, rehabilitation patients and older adults.

The Activator Poles benefit individuals with:
  • Arthritis
  • Generalized pain in the hips, knees, ankles
  • Post hip or knee surgery patients
  • mild to moderate stages of neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, MS, stroke
  • Frail or inactive seniors
  • gait retraining needs.

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