Laser therapy can promote healing for patients with long-standing pain, arthritis, wound and bone healing

Personal Best Physiotherapy introduces a cold laser therapy treatment for patients with tendon and ligament injuries, swelling, arthritis and long-standing pain.

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

A laser beam is actually a type of light similar to sunlight. Sunlight contains all the colours of the rainbow, while laser light is made up of only one colour which may not be visible to the human eye.

The energy produced by laser light has special effects on the material it touches. In physiotherapy, laser stimulates the tissues it touches and can increase cellular activity, often producing an increases healing effect.

The low-powered lasers used in physiotherapy are considered very safe. 

All lasers must meet strict Canadian government regulations based on power levels. No detectable levels of heat are emitted by the lasers used in our practice and therefor, there is no chance of being burned during the treatment.
However, staring directly at the laser beam for prolonged periods of time should be avoided, due to the small risk of eye injury, just as you wouldn't look directly at the sun without eye protection such as sunglasses.

During your laser treatment, you may be provided with protective eye glasses to be worn during the laser treatment.
As a further precaution, you may be asked to remove any potentially reflective items such as watches, necklaces and other jewelry. Finally, be certain to inform your physiotherapist if you are pregnant or if you have any serious health problems. This information is important in deciding if laser treatment is right for you.

Laser come in many shapes and sizes. Some look like a pen that your physiotherapist points directly at the spot to be treated while others can be large devices that resemble lamps. Your physiotherapist will either position the laser directly on your skin or hold it a short distance away. Treatments can last from a few seconds to several minutes depending upon the treatment goal and area involved.

If laser treatment is appropriate this treatment for your condition or injury, your physiotherapist will select the suitable approach and will discuss this treatment plan with you ahead of time.